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How to Get Perfect Brows in 5 Steps

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How to Get Perfect Brows in 5 Steps

Not so long ago, ELLE editors test drove the brows of their biggest celebrity eyebrow crushes, and everyone agreed that their A-list arches looked better than before. The common denominator? Fullness.

Which is not to say that brow density equates to brow greatness. Pencil-thin arches deserve their own hall of fame. I’m looking at you, Sade. But today happens to be about big brows.

So why are eyebrows even important? Throughout history, brows have been indicators of social status, gender, and authority. In earlier centuries, the shaven forehead and almost absent brow were seen as a symbol of sexual purity. According to recent research, brows are higher in younger women. Starting in early middle age, loss of periorbital bone and fat cause brows to drop, giving a false look of fatigue or sadness. Woah, dark.

To be honest, I like the look of a thicker brow on my own face because I think it’s slimming. Here, resident ELLE.com makeup mother Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen, also known as Miss Fame, teaches us how to create Jonas-sized brows without a hair transplant.

The kit: Brow Wiz, Brow Pen, and Clear Brow Gel, all by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Step 1: Brush it up

“The first thing you’re going to do is comb your hairs up to see where they need to be filled in, starting from the front working towards the tail of the brow,” Dam-Mikkelsen says.


Step 2: Measure it

Your best brow aligns with the inner tear duct with an arch that’s about 11 o’clock from right where sleep collects.

Step 3: Throw some shade

“Next you’re going to use the Brow Wiz as a matte shadow that goes underneath the hairs to fill in density,” he says. “Especially where there are sparse spots, gently shading.”

Step 4: Add detail

“Then adding a little bit more fullness to the front for that supermodel thickness, you’re going to take the Brow Pen and you’re going to just draw in hairs right at the front towards the nose and then you’re also going to add more density to the tail.”

Step: Set it

“Finish with clear brow gel combing hairs up because you want to show that hair texture. It locks it in place and your brows are done.”

I’m Jealous of myself.

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